Multilevel Filter: The PERKEO-Series – Versions

The PERKEO-Series – Versions

Clean water with targeted actions without disturbing the process as a whole.

  • Chemical cleansing
  • Physical extraction
  • Biological Control
  • User friendly
  • Little maintenance
  • Efficient
  • Optimum price-performance ratio

Perkeo Mobil – The Small One: 6 m³/hour

filter 1

Perkeo 20 – Middle Sized: 20 m³/hour

perkeo 20

Perkeo 30 – The Big One: 30 m³/hour


Perkeo 50 – The Biggest: 50 m³/hour

perkeo 50

A continuous monitoring of our system by our own laboratory and Public Institutes assures best water quality. We do not use any post harvest chemicals.


As optional, to achieve best performance results in terms of water quality we recommend the installation of our UV-sterilization unit (self cleaning), a very strong unit that kills bacteria and other microorganisms at the outlet of the filter and the hydrogen peroxide station that stabilizes water breaking down more than 90% of the “biofilm”.