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Swimming Pool

Salt-Water Electrolysis - Electrolysis for Swimming-Pool Disinfection

  • Salt water chlorination is the healthy alternative to chlorinating your swimming pool; the natural way.
  • Very simply, coarse salt is added to your pool to form a mildly saline solution.
  • The salinity is kept at a pleasantly comfortable level, being typically one fifth or less than that of sea water.
  • The system works by producing chlorine in the unique Ecorecycling cell in low concentrations whenever the pump and filter is running, and as the filter runs for many hours of the day, the pool's total chlorine demand will still be met, even at these low concentrations.
  • With the Ecorecycling system, chlorine is produced by electrolysis of the pool water as it flows through the cell and returns to your pool.
  • A distinct advantage of the Ecorecycling system is that the chlorine produced in the cell has no effect on your pool's pH, total alkalinity or calcium hardness, which is not the case with other chlorination methods, making it easier and less costly for you, the pool owner, to keep your water in balance.
  • By chlorinating your swimming pool this way, many of the problems associated with other chlorination methods, are eliminated.
  • The process is effective, economical, and healthy and only requires minimum maintenance.